C.A.C.T.P.M. 7 “The Italo Disco Edition”

OK, here’s another post from my old website, now in a new style. 🙂

Latest news: C.A.C.T.P.M. 7 has been be aired on Radio Stad Den Haag during the program Discontinu the 17th and the 18th of July. For more information check the Radio Stad Den Haag website.

What has started in the summer of 2006, has finally gone online in July 2009. Yes, here’s Volume 7 of my mix series Cocktails and Chicks: The Perfect Mix… The Italo Disco Edition! Four CD’s, each measuring up to ~60 minutes, containing ~38 tracks, together bringing a whopping total of 150 Italo Disco tracks!! To get to the mix in full, check out the links on Mixcloud or move to them directly by clicking CD1, CD2, CD3 and CD4.

Below you can find all the CD cover art: front, back, inlay and labels!

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