C.A.C.T.P.M. 6 “Turn Up The Bass Edition”

CACTPM6 has already been aired on at least two radio stations, one of them: WayFM ! And on the 31st of December 2006, the “Turn Up The Bass Edition” in the CACTPM series has been aired on Radio Reflex Mechelen between 18:00h and 21:00h (thanks to Bjorn!).

You have waited a long time. Hell, I did also. But here it is. C.A.C.T.P.M. 6 covers lots of hiphouse and house classics from the late 80’s and early 90’s. Songs you once knew but as you grow older, you forget them. There’s no radio station in the world that plays them. Always the same ones but never that special one. Until now…

C.A.C.T.P.M. 6 is a 2CD mix, containing 198 songs, taken from the 25 Turn Up The Bass cd’s. A special thanks to my good friend Maurice for the cd’s! I once had a dream and this year, the last couple of months I made that dream come true. And also a big thanks to Ben Liebrand, the man who inspired me and will continue to inspire me to create huge mixes like these. There’s a tribute hidden somewhere in this mix. 🙂

To enjoy the mix, just check out the Mixcloud links, here for CD1 and for CD2 click here! Below you can find all the CD covers art!

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