Lost… and found. Merry Christmas!

Well. Where to start…

Days have gone by… weeks… months… years…

A lot has happened since my last post somewhere in 2016. I released volume 9 of my Cocktails and Chicks series December 2015, I had plans for a Yearmix that year but time wasn’t on my side and to be honest, I didn’t feel like creating one.

For me personally, what I always wanted to create, I have created. Mixes using music I love. The 80’s, the 90’s, Italo Disco and of course House and all closely related genres.

Somehow I lost interest in mixing and… nowadays ‘music’.

Don’t get me wrong. I still love listening to mixes. Yes, Ben Liebrand’s one-hour Grandmixes… My own creations especially the later C.A.C.T.P.M. mixes. And every now and then, I check out my VIDEO Yearmixes. I especially love the 2012 edition. So many great songs and well… nicely mixed, right? πŸ˜‰

And on a regular basis I get likes, messages, thumbs up for my mixes when someone has found me or one of my mixes on Mixcloud. πŸ™‚

That got my attention. What if… I just start collecting songs and music videos from 2018, create some sort of list. Sure, I don’t know most of the songs. I listen to radio stations at work that hardly play any new songs. But, what if…

Yes, I can’t make any promises but… I actually have plans to, you know, maybe create a new mix. Some of sort of Yearmix. And who knows, a VIDEO Yearmix as well. πŸ™‚

I hope my next post here will be one with some more news.

Merry Christmas!


Deleted videos on Vimeo

OK fans. When I created my first video-mix I was excited and I started uploading it to YT. But what happened? Due to copyright infringements the sound was gone and only I could watch the video and some countries I have no idea they even existed… So I now only use YT for personal videos. Soccer matches whatever…

I moved to Vimeo since some fellow DJ’s have been uploading their videos there. Yes! But meanwhile it’s no!!

The copyright infringement thing has been going on for a while on Vimeo was well! I received e-mails that parts from my older VIDEOyearmixes (2009, 2010 and 2011) have been deleted. I got me a first strike. Some more videos got flagged an deleted and now I got my second strike… I deleted the rest of the older VIDEOyearmixes. So now only the HD videos are there… When will I get my third strike and my account deleted??

But why… OK, there’s the copyright infringements issue. But wait! I’m doing all those artists a favor! When I get more clicks and views, they get them as well! So they should thank me. But no, I’m violating here using copyrighted material. Am I making money? No, I’m not. So I don’t own some kind of license… That’s another thing that bothers me. A lot of uploaders have some special license on YT. How can I have that as well?

I’m trying to show my talent as a VIDEO DJ as well. But unfortunately I can’t show my skills on a stage like Vimeo or YT. But it’s no problem at all to upload a video where someone gets run over by a car and the insides get spattered all over the place. Or a baby who is able to solve the Rubik’s cube in 3.061 seconds. Or some idiot who eats ten pieces of the hottest peppers in the world, pukes all over the screen, screams bloody murder… Yes, that’s all allowed and those videos receive a zillion clicks and views which generates $$$ for YT… But someone like me who is not making money in any way, is not allowed to show some VIDEOmixes…

Just my thoughts…


What can I say? I’m sorry…

Yes, I’m sorry. I’m really sorry. I’m barely on my way with Yearmix 2015 and it doesn’t feel right. It crossed my mind last year creating the 2014 edition and it came to me again. I’m not enjoying mixing this year’s tracks. I’ve had an absolute great time mixing the tracks from the 90’s in C.A.C.T.P.M. Volume 9 although it took a lot of time and drained the resources out of me… But creating Yearmix 2015? I really enjoy creating a VIDEOmix but I first have to do the hard work and that’s the audiomix! And I don’t feel I’m up to the task…

So, that’s it. I’ve decided not to continue Yearmix 2015. Yes, creating my 90’s 2CD mix really took a lot of time. Combine that with a full-time job (which is not related to mixing in any way possible) and other hobbies, I barely had time to close my eyes and have a good night sleep…

I haven’t deleted the map with all the tracks on the hard drive just yet. I might do something with this year’s dance tracks. A different kind of mix, I don’t know… But, there won’t be a “regular” DJ Esanto Yearmix this year… I’m sorry…

Yearmix 2015 has started & new links

Yes! Mixing Yearmix 2015 has started. OK, as usual the mix starts slowly, this time at 88.0 bpm and the mix will probably end in the 140.0 bpm range. Plenty of hits, the songs you hear come by on the radio on a daily basis and the ones you dance to in your favorite club or at a festival. πŸ™‚

The mix now contains 4 tracks, it measures 2m00s and the speed has hit the 92.0 bpm mark. πŸ˜€

Interested in the 1080p versions of VIDEOyearmix 2011 ‘The 2013 HD remake’, VIDEOyearmix 2012 and VIDEOyearmix 2014? Check out the VIDEOyearmix page! πŸ™‚


Finalizing one and starting the other one!

Hey fans!

Yes! The last tracks have been mixed in C.A.C.T.P.M. Volume 9! It’s been a lot of fun but also some headaches, blurred vision, one too many espressos etc. etc. I’m fine tuning the mix and working on the intro and outro, CD covers and of course the cue-sheets. πŸ™‚

While working on the last bits of C.A.C.T.P.M. 9, I’m also working on Yearmix 2015. I’ve got 98 tracks lined up in a preliminary track listing as well as tracks on the so-called on hold list. Hopefully I can start mixing in a day or two. Looking at the calendar, I noticed I have to step it up a notch or two. πŸ˜‰

Because I’m happy…

Yes, I’m happy! It’s been a long and difficult journey but I’m close to mixing the last tracks of C.A.C.T.P.M. Volume 9. This is where I am: 64 minutes and 7 seconds into CD2. 85 have been mixed of the now estimated 95 tracks. And it’s house music at 140.0 bpm. Adding one, subtracting two others that just don’t fit… Don’t worry, the ever popular house classics are there. πŸ™‚

Hopefully I can get everything mixed in my 2CD 90’s mix next Sunday. I will then start my Yearmix 2015 journey. During this journey I will think about the intro for C.A.C.T.P.M. 9 and of course finalize the mixed tracks. Fine tuning etc. etc. I will keep you posted. πŸ™‚

Check out the Yearmix and C.A.C.T.P.M. mixes pages. I have uploaded some more mixes. Enjoy! πŸ˜€

A new file host and the march of C.A.C.T.P.M. Volume 9

I found a new file host to host my mixes. I have uploaded a few of my yearmixes as well as my videoyearmixes and my mixes from the C.A.C.T.P.M. series. Check back for updates. More will come! You can find the download links on the pages. Enjoy! πŸ™‚

Mixing the last few tracks of C.A.C.T.P.M. Volume 9 “The 90’s edition” is getting closer and closer. The closer I get the more difficult it seems. I’m tired to be honest. I haven’t started mixing Yearmix 2015 and it already feels like I have already created two yearmixes this year. πŸ˜‰

Where are we at this moment? 72 out of 97 tracks are now mixed in CD2. It measures 54m37s. The drums beat at 137.0 bpm.

A short holiday, a bunch of days of summer …

Hey there!

Unfortunately not a lot of mixing the past two weeks. First a short holiday (5 days) and that wasn’t close to home so no mixing then… And when I got back home the summer was back here in Holland so I saw more sun, bikinis and booze than I saw my PC, my mixing gear and my CD’s.

Anyway, I’m really close to the end of CD1. 96 tracks are now mixed, 99 are planned (let’s say 98 tracks and an intro). The mix now measures 65 minutes and 34 seconds and the house is on at 124.0 bpm.

Check back for more updates!

Just one more thing… I will upload some more older mixes since they’re not easily available anymore…

C.A.C.T.P.M. 9 and Yearmix 2015…

OK, seems like I forgot there’s June, July, August and September before October hits the calender. Which means I have four months to complete a mix with 210 tracks in 3CD’s before I even start thinking about Yearmix 2015. Looks like it’s a 2015 release for C.A.C.T.P.M. 9. Before the annually yearmix flood is coming… πŸ™‚