Deleted videos on Vimeo

OK fans. When I created my first video-mix I was excited and I started uploading it to YT. But what happened? Due to copyright infringements the sound was gone and only I could watch the video and some countries I have no idea they even existed… So I now only use YT for personal videos. Soccer matches whatever…

I moved to Vimeo since some fellow DJ’s have been uploading their videos there. Yes! But meanwhile it’s no!!

The copyright infringement thing has been going on for a while on Vimeo was well! I received e-mails that parts from my older VIDEOyearmixes (2009, 2010 and 2011) have been deleted. I got me a first strike. Some more videos got flagged an deleted and now I got my second strike… I deleted the rest of the older VIDEOyearmixes. So now only the HD videos are there… When will I get my third strike and my account deleted??

But why… OK, there’s the copyright infringements issue. But wait! I’m doing all those artists a favor! When I get more clicks and views, they get them as well! So they should thank me. But no, I’m violating here using copyrighted material. Am I making money? No, I’m not. So I don’t own some kind of license… That’s another thing that bothers me. A lot of uploaders have some special license on YT. How can I have that as well?

I’m trying to show my talent as a VIDEO DJ as well. But unfortunately I can’t show my skills on a stage like Vimeo or YT. But it’s no problem at all to upload a video where someone gets run over by a car and the insides get spattered all over the place. Or a baby who is able to solve the Rubik’s cube in 3.061 seconds. Or some idiot who eats ten pieces of the hottest peppers in the world, pukes all over the screen, screams bloody murder… Yes, that’s all allowed and those videos receive a zillion clicks and views which generates $$$ for YT… But someone like me who is not making money in any way, is not allowed to show some VIDEOmixes…

Just my thoughts…



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